Free Flarum

Flarum ‐ the best forum software ‐ can be hard to set up. Not anymore! Create your own Flarum forum instantly and start building your community.
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You won't find better performance. Powered by the fastest machines on the net.

Free (as in beer)

This service is paid for by donations. Our mission is to support starting communities.

Free (as in speech)

Your community and your data is yours and you can always export it. We don't like dark marketing patterns so we don't have them.


Solid SSL protection is standard with every forum. No eavesdropping, plus Google will like you for it.


Daily backups are made to an offsite location. No headaches about failing hardware, we have got you covered.


Getting tired of patches and upgrades? We do that for you. Plus: lots of plugins are included out of the box. Missing something? Get in touch.